Wednesday, May 26, 2010


You betcha.

First thing that you, as the reader of this blog, need to do is go and check out Benson's portfolio site, then check out the BMX section and the photo of James Cox doing a suicide. When it first came out in print it was awesome, and this just reminded me how good it was. There's also plenty of other good stuff in there, apart from the photo of Jimmy Rushmore at Rom which made me want to claw my eyes out.

Dig have a couple of things up today that didn't really interest me but may interest you. Firstly, I don't run brakes so Fly cables don't really appear on my radar, and secondly a Scott Ditchburn video bikecheck with what you might describe as a flawed riding-to-talking ratio. Still, if you - like here - are being blessed with a cold, rainy evening as a vicious blow from Mother Nature to make up for the last week of sun and ridiculous warmth, it's something to do, eh?

Speaking of sun and warmth, this video of Josh Eilken is a glimpse of what might happen if we actually get a summer this year. That, and if you get rad on a freecoaster and learn flairs...

I've got to go and edit a video now, so it'll have to be toodle pip.

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