Sunday, December 09, 2007

New Dissrm Video / Top Gear

Seriously out of the blue this evening, Southampton/Trowbridges shared Joel Nicholls shocked me with a new Dissrm web edit release. Joel's made a few videos in the past, but since ''Dazed'', there hasn't been a big selection of riders in them. The clips are filmed from areas such as Southampton, Bristol, London and loads more and has local riders and riders from the areas already mentioned. He tells me that "the next one will be done when everyone gets on it, and i start filming again because im cleaned outa footage now, so we gotta start filming for the new vid and if i get enuff crazy shit there will be a dvd, and everything else will be web mix and promo, like the trowbo crimbo park vid and opening (if its finished over christmas)". So, check it out, and anticipate the next one.

Click here!

In other news, if you have been watching Top Gear this evening, you should've seen a race between Sebastian Keep and a Fiat 500. Well, obviously Seb won whilst doing some pretty sick gaps and stunts. If you didn't see it, either watch the mid-week repeat or look on youtube or something. Seriously, it was nuts!

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