Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Who will you be covering for the January video?
It will be mainly Scott Ditchburn, Ben Lewis, Bengo, Harry Main and Jason Phelan.


That is part of the Ride interview with Matty Lambert regarding NonStopVid.com Video 1.

Having seen Ben Lewis ride "in real lyf", and having seen how awesome he was in the 4Down DVD, I can't really wait to see how good it's gonna be when he gets properly filmed by someone (i.e. Big Matty L who is properly talented and knows exactly how they want things to work out in the final production (No offence to James's 4Down editing skills, but it's a different kinda video).

I'd just like to point out it's going to be free. Free, and containing footage from Scotty D too. What!

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