Thursday, December 20, 2007

08 Burlish.

I'd heard from Carlos about Niki Croft riding some new Mutiny frame that was "scary light". Well, I looked on Mutiny's site only for my Matt Roe(who has the best part ever in SOBP) update, until this little piece popped up.

This is Josh Bedford's bike. The frame is a Burlish which has been 420 baked (basically in other words heat treated) and now weighs in under 4.5lbs. Mutiny didn't really seem as though they wanted to reveal much, but I'm going to assume that nothing has changed geometrically. Oh, but they did but this picture up of the seat stay bridge. Sweeeeet!

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Gaz said...

There is a lot of changers! The geo has been updated and you will have more info on all our 08 products closer to the time of release, which is going to be March 08.


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