Thursday, September 11, 2008

Like my mother always said...

"Honesty is the best policy", which apparently the guys over at Colony agree with as well, judging from the name of their new hubset, the Clone hubs:

No prizes for guessing why...

As we're talking new products, Lotek have taken their logo and vulcanised model sole pattern and applied it to a Primo blank grip, creating this:

Rich Hirsch also has some new product one from Fremont - go here if that interests you. Just as a teaser, here are the brand new Chase Dehart jeans, which are apparently slightly tweaked Nightwolf jeans (Looser fit, basically).

Odyssey have also put up a quick update on their site to let everyone know about their new parts that are out:

Info. To save you a bit of time though, it's just stickers, preload bolts for their forks (that you'll need for when you (inevitably) strip your current one because of how soft the metal is), and Lumberjacks in rancid colours...

In case you were in any doubt about their completes range, Fit have put this up on their site:

Makes sense to me, I guess?

In other complete bike related news, United have totally revamped their site, and put up all their new bits 'n' bobs, including the '09 completes. They've got a Podcast setup now so you can get all their latest videos easily downloaded to your iTunes, a mailing list to help you enter some of their online comps, and much, much more - go check it out, there's loads of content on there (And it looks sweet!).

In semi-related news, if you see a vid on their site, chances are it'll have been edited by James Cox - check out a rescue mission he was recently involved in over on Dig. Very darying.

At the 2008 Masters Spine Pro Finals, everyone was sessioning the ramp during practise apart from one man (Technically, "Man" is stretching the definition a little, as that should be probably be "Bear-man" or "Beast") - Dave Osato. Instead of getting involved in all the early-doors psyching out that all the other guys were wasting their time with, Dave just chilled on the deck, then when his run came, unleashed some ridiculous tricks that no-one else even attempted. He's got a Videorama coming for WTP soon, but for now, a BNQT video will do:

While we're talking videos, Mutiny have a new vid up of George Boyd and Ryan Smith that you can check out here. Good stuff.

Equally, I spotted this over on the Animal site - a trailer for a new video, Status Quo. Pretty ironic title as it seems to share the same sort of riding style, editing style and music as most NYC vids, but hey, they're usually pretty good so there's no harm done:

While we're talking about NYC street vids, here's one by Skinny for - randomly - Alphanumeric. I can only remember them from THPS2. That was a sweet game... Here's the vid.

Lastly - something completely different. From the "grimey" streets of New York to the sound of waves crashing on the beach at Fistral Bay during the recent Boardmasters, courtesy of Vans/Freecaster:

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