Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dew Tour details...

According to Ride, this is what Aitken pulled:

Mike Aitken: Nothing-to-turndown, nothing-to-no-footed can-can, nac-nac-to-turndown, no-footed can-can-to-turndown, 360 indown, 360 lookback, 360 one-footed downside tables, 360 x-up can-can, 360 one-footed table-to-lookback, and the raddest of them all: 360 topside can-can tiregrab. Did you get all of that? Insane.


But yeah, go here to see a pic or two. #24 = classic Aitken.

Oh, related news: Bestwick won Gold in Vert. All good.

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