Saturday, March 15, 2008

Oh my word

Dan Lacey is a hero for that grindbox line. Lotek vid from B.A.R., who are currently housing Dakota "Insight section - What?!" Roche.

Happened to spy a copy of Ride UK today, and of course it's the Photo issue - good stuff indeed. Speaking of Ride, Ride US have a new issue out featuring Karl Poynter doing the most unexpected thing ever?

The Crammer has a new bikecheck up on Staff...

In semi-related news, I just read a rumour that Bike Park has been dropped from the X-Games? If not, never mind, if "Yes", you read it here first I guess... Not sure if I believe it, but who knows?

Odyssey have dropped some photos of their new Senior 2 seat, here's the deets:

"I guess we never explained some of our newer items when they came in. First up: Senior 2. We basically did a mild re-design to make the Senior 2 slightly larger(black)that the Senior(white) to better bridge the gap between the Junior and the Aitken. Previously the Senior shared the JR mold. Now it has its own.

The material and size made it kinda messy attaching the top to the base of the seat(white seat). The Senior 2 addresses the union of top and bottom much cleaner(black seat).

And here's some info on their new pads:

The Slim by Four is our newest brakepad. The best structural integrity of a brake pad this small and simple. Multiple compounds will be available, including Black, Red, and Clear. Black is available now, and is stock on the newest Evolver EVO II.

And that's that. I got back from an awesome ride just before making this post, so I'm off to sleep. So. Tired. Right. Now.

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