Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chase Hawk bikecheck

Odyssey put up a new Chase Hawk bikecheck. Kinda weird how I don't think I've ever really seen a bike of his that made me think "I want". C'est la vie:

frame-The Hawk. 20.5"
fork- Odyssey Classic Race fork
bars- Odyssey LumberJack
stem- Fit
headset- integrated
lever- None
saddle- Odyssey Aitken, Grey reverse Denim with Red stitching(coming soon!)
seatpost- Fit
clamp- integrated
F wheel- Vandero 2 w/ Hazard Lite rim
R wheel- Odyssey V3 Cassette, lhd w/ Hazard Lite rim
spokes- Odyssey aftermarket
sprocket- 31t Fit
cranks- Wombolts. 175, lhd
chain- generic
pedals- Odyssey Twisted pc
brake- None
tires- Odyssey Path, Klyte (20x2.1) rear/ Aitken, 2.25 Klyte front
pegs- None (Plegs when there are pegs)
cable- None
grips- ruben
barends- Par Ends

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