Friday, March 28, 2008

New Sunday bars.

Sunday have released some new bars.

Sunday is proud to announce that we will be offering a new bar that is equivalent to a Triumph, but with 4 degrees of upsweep. It will be named the Forumph. Why give a Triumph bar with 3 more degrees of upsweep a totally different name? Well, Triumph height is 8" at the ends while this new bar measures in at 8.32". Weird!

That's what I was saying! So what's the bar height if you cut them down a few inches? What about if I have a bar height of 8.32, but with no upsweep? Or if I have 8 degrees of upsweep on a Triumph, won't they be 8.5" tall? Isn't this all confusing? Well that's how BMX measure its bars.

Kinda stating the obvious I guess, but yeah, there you go. Just remember they'll feel a little higher than Triumphs, but don't think of them as being like 8.32" high versions of the Lumberjacks or anything like that.

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