Friday, March 28, 2008

Joel's bike...

Hey dudes, not really BMX-related as such, but seeing as Joel both rides/lives in Soton and owns a BMX, it counts:

"Just had my bike stolen from college (locked up with 2 locks to a bike lock handrail thing). It is a Specialized P2 Brown Alloy 2008. I had it stolen from Tauntons college. If any of you do see it then please contact me! I know its a long shot but I know a few of you are from Southampton or would ride Southampton."

So yeah, keep your eyes peeled, and check out whatever bike you see underneath the next pikey who does some sort of sit-down-wheelie combo past you.

Just rinsed this photo from Specialized's site, may or may not give you a clue what to look for:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for putting it up here :) Its sooo annoying! 2nd bike this year lol, doubt I will get it back this time. But atleast I have definatly got a good claim. unfortunatly this standard apart from it has Offroad tyres whereas the normal ones are street. But if any of you are in lordswood and see sum little scum on it, give me a text or email!