Monday, March 17, 2008

Hell yes...

Just spotted over on Dig's site that Shred or Die have uploaded Steven Hamilton's Trafaelio section up. I literally used to watch this every time before I went out riding. I guess if I'd had Can I Eat I'd have watched that too, but Dan had that...

First person to say what "Trafaelio" means in the Comments box wins.

In the likely event that that link doesn't work, go here. Seriously:

United have a bunch of videos/photos (largely the latter...) up on their site from the Rampworx jam.

Oh, and while we're on the video subject, if you click here you'll see that Ride Insight is officially in stock. According to Joel, Dak's section is "really ****ing good", or words to that effect. Truth.

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Anonymous said...

Travel... ;) What do I win?