Wednesday, November 28, 2007



"We have a kevlar beaded, soft compound GLH tyre coming out. Its foldable, lighter and softer than our regular GLH. The GLH-R should be availible by the end of December."



joel nicholls said...

fuck yeh!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

whats the big deal. khe's khe's khe's

black giraffe said...

fo shua should be good

Anonymous said...

This tyre was obviously for the people that always slaged off KHE's. Hopefully this tyre will change a few peoples minds about this bollox about getting puntchers by hanging up and riding over glass at the end of the day you'll get a puntcher with any tyre! So stop crying and get riding :P
Dont be like me in another words lol.

MFKN Carlos

P.s Even Joel N. Rides them!!!