Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Hate The Internet #2

Yep, no internet again for a couple of days.

*shakes fists in anger*

Well, never mind. What made life better was this, the Defgrip/Mutiny exclusive Z-Roll footage from their new DVD, Stoked On Being Pumped. HD download available, hells yeah!

Props 67 trailer. Someone needs to get Scotty Cranmer to change the n to an m, purely 'cos Crammer is more fitting for the amount of stuff he can get done in one line...

And lastly, if you want to make money, buy This. Sell the Plegs and Clear Twisted PC pedals seperately, and that should cover the cost of the bike, then sell the bike seperately with misc. pedals and pegs and you've made more money. Ching!

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