Sunday, November 04, 2007

Superstar New Deal 2008

I know a few people are going to get hot and sweaty after seeing the latest pics/specs of the Superstar 2008 New Deal frame. There are so many "generic" frames out there right now that it's kinda refreshing seeing a bike company coming out with something that looks totally different.

This time round, I guess the shock value is not quite so high as most of the stuff we've already seen in the 2007 model. For 2008, Superstar have revised the strawberry (the funny thing that clamps t he seat post in place) and revised the chainstay/dropout junction which doesn't have a hole anymore for the integrated chain tensioner. Looks a lot cleaner in my opinion. To keep in touch with the times, weight has been shaved off the bottom bracket and head tube. Also new for 2008 is the option of having no brake lugs! It still comes with tiny 4mm dropouts so this is a frame aimed at the pegless street rider. Two riders I know spring immediately to mind... one of them writes for this blog I think. :D

Now we just have to get in touch with James Hitchcox at Zeal tomorrow to find out when they're coming in!


Anonymous said...

so, looks weak as piss, is ugly and isnt even light. yo!

Anonymous said...

hey mr pang ist is lewis!!
wen r u gettin this frame in?????

Unknown said...

fuck off fresher do not known shit about bmx you twat

Anonymous said...

i got one of these its 3 years old and still a trooper