Sunday, November 25, 2007

Loadsa stuff.

New Anim-*ahem* A.Bike Co website - pretty fresh.

Fit have tried milking the success of their recent Collabs with, amongst other people, Orchid, by doing a Vans collaboration shoe. See pics of it over on the Merit blog.

United have released their new frames, should be around the place soon. They are the 40 frame, as seen in Ride a few months back, and the Magnolia frame, a Shitluck collab.

That red finish - yes please! Head over here and here for more deets.

Editorial link-up #1 - United head honcho Sir Ian Morris (Well, he should be) has a Bikecheck up on RideUS.

While we're talking of "new details", 4Down also have the info on the new LTF frames up, so click here for that...

Editorial linkup #2: S&M's Corey Nastazio has an interview up on the S&M site.

The secret behind the new Fly Ad...

Demolition and Volume have their new catalogue out - it's more of a magazine than a straight up "Bars: Seat: Stem:" thing, so check it out. Right click that thang!

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