Tuesday, June 12, 2007

S&M LTF and an Interesting Fact™

Interesting Fact™: IcedTea with Lemon tastes rubbish.

And on to the real news: Here are some sneak peeks at the S&M LTF frame. You may remember the spy shots on Grindstate a while ago from the Bob Scerbo bike check - well, here are some more detailed shots taken by Grant at BSD from down at the RedBull Empire of Dirt event.

This frame looks to have even more attention to detail than the LAF did, so be sure to keep an eye out for when this one drops. Rumour has it it's even just under 4lbs? What?


Unknown said...

Ice tea + lemon = nice :D

Anonymous said...

selling my ltf frame check out the link

Anonymous said...

L.T.F. Frame is siiick my m8 has one nd his bike is (lighter.than.fuck) honestly get one if you have the money !