Thursday, June 07, 2007

New Mutiny Hubguard

Last year Mutiny released the Hub-buddy, and this year they've decided to one-up themselves by creating the Hub-buddy V2.0. The nice feature about this model is that not only is it a hell of a lot lighter (92g!), the shape means that if you run pegs and you grind, you'll get pushed away from the hub onto the peg/dropout (so as to keep away from the spokes even more), but also if you're pegless, the little flat space gives you a bit more to stall on. Ideal! Mutiny keep coming up with great little ideas, let's hope it continues.

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Anonymous said...

the problem is tht you havent mentioned there are hubs that this will not fit for example hubs with tapered axles etc, always check your hub for the axle and if it can take it . the idea of the hub buddy is to replace your cone nut and stop you form having to seperate the frame but some hubs you can not do this and in this case you are better off sticking with the FBm as it fits easier