Friday, June 08, 2007

Colony Transformer Lever

I have a few more details to share on the Colony Transformer levers. These are landing in the UK at the end of this month (June) and initially will only be available for the right hand side. Only for those of you with a very fat wallet and an incurable craving for light weight CNC machined parts. The RRP for this lever is a whopping £49.99! Ouch!

Full specs as follows :
  • Full CNC machined precision lever.
  • Super lightweight at 65 grams each!!!
  • No cable ferrule to strip out or bend when using single cable.
  • Special non-threaded ferrule to be used with all gyro cables.
  • No sharp edges.
  • Replaceable brass bushing.


Anonymous said...

I have always wanted one of them leavers lake look amazing and the weight ... but £50 is it worth it or should i stop saving...

Anonymous said...

think how much food you could buy with £50 - yum yum! BD