Sunday, June 03, 2007

A post John didn't beat me to...

Woo! Found something that when I come here to check if it's up, it hasn't been put online yet! After a hectic week I'm just getting back in the swing of things...

Anyway, Chase Hawk recently went on a tour to South Africa and took a travel-log. Whilst out there too, he, Mike Aitken and the other guys on the trip gave their bikes away to some of the kids out in S.A. (Turns out that Chase gave away a set of prototype Trailmix pedals on his, so yeah, just regular Jim C's on his bike at the moment...), and as a result, they've had new bikes sorted from their sponsors. This is Chase's.

And the specs:

frame-The Hawk. 20.5"
fork- Odyssey Classic Race fork
bars- Odyssey LumberJack
stem- Fit
headset- integrated
lever- None
saddle- Odyssey Aitken
seatpost- Fit
clamp- integrated
F wheel- M-7 (GSPORT Marmoset w/ 7K-A rim)
R wheel- Odyssey Csst, 36, lhd w/ 7K-A rim
spokes- Odyssey
sprocket- 31t Aminal
cranks- Wombolts. 175
chain- generic
pedals- Odyssey JC sealed/Mag
brake- None
tires- Odyssey Path, Plyte (20x2.1) rear/ Aitken, 2.125 knobby front
pegs- Jpeg Lighter
cable- None
grips- ruben
barends- Par Ends

While we're at it, Ruben's got a bikecheck up on the RideUS site, so go here to check that out. Ruben's 32?

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