Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Almost a week off? Er... yeah... about that...

Whilst I didn't really do much in the space of a week apart from ride quite a lot and watch rugby matches in freezing stadiums in Cardiff, Rich Forne managed to show how the productive people of the world do things by going to Israel and managing to get a billion clips despite both riders taking themselves out of the equation mid-way through the trip. Skills. A different take on things to most BMX videos which is cool to see.

That was for Mutiny in case you hadn't guessed.

Keeping it more local (Although knowing Bow, probably about as dangerous as being in Israel), Tim Lewis is now hooked up good 'n' proper and has this video to celebrate that fact. I knew Tim pretty well from the 3 years of riding around London we shared together, but getting to hit up London again recently to say hi again was a treat. Rad dude, and no video will ever really give you the full Tim experience.

Tim's style always sort of reminded me of Brad Simms, and as if to just give me the evidence to try and prove that, The Set put up this video of him a day or two ago. Simply ridiculous. Going uuuup...

Lastly, Cinema put this up today. Awesome team, soon to have some good product flowing out the door too if rumours are to be believed? Anyways, here she blows.

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