Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Couple of bits 'n' bobs.

Animal have some shiny new cloth... - wait, "cut and sew" items out. Pretty sweet. First time I've ever seen a wallet I've liked?

DSLRs are 'in' these days, especially for filming duties. My boss just bagged himself a 7D and they are nice to see, although pretty much every video I've seen people use them on recently has sort of felt detached from it all. I kinda miss the low-fi, up close look of older videos, maybe... Anyway, from Stoke with love:

Ride have a pretty cool overspill piece up on Tenerife. Randomly, I was checking a customer's address in Tenerife earlier today, and hit up the Street view feature on Google. I was remarking then on how many spots there were on the street our customer lived on, turns out there's plenty more around there. Drop out "The new Barca?" line, perhaps?

Adam posted this Mike Aitken video up earlier, as featured on BMXMDB. Fair bit of content over there now!

Lastly, a bit of older Alex Kennedy footage...

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