Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boom goes the dynamite.

Saw this on the Orchid site earlier (For the record, 'Orchid' is the best name ever). Niki Croft is burly. Clickity.

Tunney posted up a pretty awesome video of Mat Hoffman from way back when - interestingly, from the first BMX VHS I ever bought. Worth your time, go to Props TV to check it out.

Here's the last two sections of For Those About To Peg, just to complete the series. Generally mixed reviews online, but that's pretty irrelevant. It's nice to have a video to look back on to remind you of good times you've had - I'd imagine it's not quite the same just having sour anonymous comments on a website to look back on. Who knows?

Cleggy posted up this cool video:

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