Thursday, January 01, 2009


Was flicking through the new Sidewalk magazine last night, and they had a pretty sweet story from the Vans China tour. They made a mention of a Podcast of the trip on the Vans site, and it features some pretty amazing spots, some pretty amazing skating, and some pretty amazing filming/editing. I know, I know - it's skating, but at the same time the stuff they're doing is nuts, it's super nicely filmed, and is well worth checking out. Click here to check it out on the Vans site (Last one of p3 of the vids, and first one on p4), or click here to check it out in iTunes (Scroll down a bit). Just search for the China Tour and China Tour Action vids to see it. Bit of a faff, but that's life I guess!

Also, talking of "faff", Red Bull wanted to do some fancy stuff for the New Years celebrations, so they got a guy to "Backflip" (I use that term incredibly, incredibly lightly, bearing in mind he drives into a jump with a flicky launchy thing on it. Tech.) a "Truck", and a guy to jump up onto a 100fT replica of the Arc de Trioumphe and then gap back down. The motox stuff's pretty nuts, the truck stuff - not so. Click here to stream the vids.

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