Thursday, January 22, 2009

Country Bikes Products Sneak Peak

Carlos returned in the afternoon clutching some Country Bikes prototype forks and bars. For those of you that don't remember, they're a bike company based in Germany... who've not really made anything for a few years (not that I can remember anyway).

First impression from the prototypes are very good. Everything looks nice and neat. The forks are a nice slim design, and weigh in under 2 pounds. Bars are light at a tad over 600g.*

I'm not sure the Excitation fork would live up to it's name though. Can a fork ever cause excitement? Hmmm... However, I do like the way the bottom of the forks are cut away at an angle and the dropouts are really small but just big enough to run pegs if your that way inclined.

As for the bars, just where did they get the name from? They have a sticker with a plucked chicken on the side and are called the Hendlbars. Get it? They're light, have holes drilled at the grip section like the MacNeil Silencer bars and have quite a lot of backsweep (don't know how much exactly as I don't normally carry a protractor in my pocket).

These are still prototypes for now, but it'd be interesting to see how well they hold up after a few sessions down Hoglands...

Now if Country Bikes can come up with a sensible price and good warranty, these are looking like a very good alternative to some of the more expensive parts from the American companies. Expect more info in the coming months. Parts will hopefully see their way into the shops around April time...

* I don't know why, but I've got used to weighing frames, forks and complete bikes in imperial units and everything else in metric! It's a bit retarded but seems kinda natural at the same time...

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