Friday, January 09, 2009

What the hell, Mark?

I know, I know - bold claims about consistent updates and less than 2 weeks into the New Year I've missed repeated daily deadlines. Well, I do have a reason/excuse - my friend's laptop died and he's borrowing mine to meet his slightly pressing coursework deadlines, so I'm netless. "But Mark", I hear you cry, "You're talking to us now?" Well, the answer to that is that I'm currently in Dan's house using his internet. But why have I chosen to be slightly antisocial and type on a computer whilst he's cooking chilli in the other room?

Three words:

I wasn't too sure what to expect from the new S&M vid. Please Kill Me didn't really do much for me, but their current team line up features rad dudes such as Randy Brown, Matt Beringer, Cam Wood, Tony Cardona, Josh Stricker and many more (Including the surprising good Jeff Landister (Spelling?)), and it was being edited by Jordan Utley, the guy behind That's It (Which you need to immediately buy if you haven't already, it's way, way too good). This combination is, to put it mildly, a winner.

I should probably preface this by saying that recently, I've been avoiding BMX videos in general. I've been riding a hell of a lot, and found that I'd much rather be actually partaking in riding rather than watching it, and have been doing as such. So yeah, the fact that I watched this video and thoroughly enjoyed it and was entertained by it says a lot. At the end of Cameron Wood's awesome section, the credits began to hand-roll (You need to watch it to understand), and I had to check the clock. I thought it had been a really short video, and it seemed kinda weird, but the video actually clocked in at 35 minutes of solid riding before you get to the credits section. That's a fairly decent amount of riding footage from one of the most diverse teams in BMX today, and it certainly passes quickly - in a good way.

This 'review' is fairly rambling now, so I'll leave it with just saying you really need to buy a copy of this video. It's £14.XY (I dunno what it is with the VAT shenanigans), and it's easily accessible in the online store by clicking this link.

Buy it now!

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