Monday, October 27, 2008

Video spectacular!

Scotty D, destroying a skatepark in 23 minutes:

Scotty D Park Edit. from Dub BMX on Vimeo.

Is someone going to resurrect the spirit of Roy Castle and get it done in under 20? Dedication's what you need...

Also, "get well soon" to Millsy, after this little tumble:

Millsy's Crash from Dub BMX on Vimeo.

Both of those are from DubBMX and Streetphire.

Derelict have put up this behemoth too - put the kettle on and get a tea/coffee/bovril on while you wait for it to load:

Derelict BMX Summer 2008 from Dave King on Vimeo.

Fit posted this next video up. I'm not usually a fan of this sorta riding, but there's some cool stuff in there:

FIT from joe lewis on Vimeo.

As a friendly reminder, the Levis DVD is out with the next issue of Dig, here's Nathan William's scrap section to make you realise how good it's gonna be:

nathan williams from jimmy nuñez on Vimeo.

...and here's the full trailer:

Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaastly: Mike Aitken is continuing with his surprisingly fast recovery, go here to read about the latest news on how he's doing.

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