Sunday, October 12, 2008

Good news...

Primo have a new drive-side hub guard out, but this is way better news:

Mike is starting to take the first few steps down the long road to recovery. He has begun to respond to his wife Trista's voice today, shifting and moving his arms and legs (especially responding to laughter).

Mike is still in a coma, but the fog is starting to lift. Trista was able to explain to Mike what happened and Mike moved each arm and leg to make sure for himself that he's ok. He also made an attempt to give Trista a hug and tried to open his eyes when asked.

He was moved from the ICU to the Intermediate Critical Care Unit. Once in his new room, his pain killers had worn off some and he tried to remove his tracheostomy tube. When the nurse tried to stop him, he faught her off. While this is great news, his condition is still critical and we've been reminded that this is just the beginning of a journey that could take years.

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