Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ideas I Hope Don't Catch On #23

Spotted this over on SPRFLS, after they spotted it on the PijinForum (Irony: Noted).

Anyway, these are UKBikeCo's new cranks.

This is an idea that's been used by a few companies before in the road bike world. Now, this obviously isn't anything new (Integrated headsets, etc.), but when they were designed with a totally different idea in mind - in so much as road bike cranksets are designed to be stiff and give you the maximum efficiency with your pedalling, not to be used effectively as a standing platform as you sail down a 10-set to flat - it seems a little suspect to me. I've seen a fair few twisted spindles before on similar looking cranks (obviously without the Hirth joint), and that was on a one piece spindle. If you add that joint into the middle, especially if it's that shallow, I'm gonna drop a "Hell no!"

Hmm, we'll see.

In related news, Kane is off, Mark Webb is on, and is also designing a signature frame that's apparently going to be made public soon. Lot of 'designing' going on there, no doubt...

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