Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dig 63 Ad

I'm terrible with deadlines. I'm sure if you asked Karen from Factory Media, she'd agree too. You see, Karen is the poor lady reponsible for chasing up the adverts for Ride and Dig magazine before it goes to print, and every month she has to send me numerous reminders that I need to submit the Pijin advert. :p

You may have noticed Carlos' arse for 3 issues running in Ride (apolygies for that). I didn't realise the advert would cause so many complaints. Rest assured, I will put up a different one next issue. LoL

Anyways, here's the advert for Dig 63 which I submitted sometime back in January, so hopefully should be in print some time soon!

You have the Westlake brothers to thanks for this one! :D


Anonymous said...

I know it would of taken alot longer but the ones with the products looked good !!!!! lewis

Anonymous said...

Yo guys.. yeah i noticed you aint been doing normal ad's for the last few ride mags.. also read the small print too haha ;)
If you ever need a hand on ad's hit me up at cos im pretty good at that sorta stuff and need a bit of experience i can mention in my CV ;)