Friday, February 29, 2008

Countdown to the weekend...

So, I guess I'll be seeing you Southampton-ites this weekend, seeing as it's Myspace's birthday I thought it'd be rude not to attend/get messy/chaperone Dan home in taxis/ride some BMXs.

Dan, SouthBank, before I'd even moved to London and he'd even moved to Southampton. Old school!

In other news, Like Totally is in the UK. Win. Garret Reynold's section makes this DVD totally worth purchasing, the rest is just awesomeness too. In the same IMG shipment were the new Twisted PCs and Plegs (Finally...).

Like Totally and a squadron of Plegs

Alienation ran a photo contest over on Vital. Winners have been chosen, click that link to check 'em out...

One of the photo comp winners

As you may or may not have seen, Ride ran a pretty awesome interview with BF (That I'm assuming Netley's got taped to the walls of his room by now, haha), and inside it was a pretty awesome photo of BF ripping some trails and oozing style, despite only being an inch off the floor... Anyway, they made it available as a wallpaper now, so go scope it out here.

Click the link up there to see this bad-boy in 1200x900 giganti-size

Lastly, Mario has an edit up on Defgrip. Right click here to save it, or just click on This link to go and read up about the video in the words of Alex from Give-D.

Speaking of Alex's's's', Alex Kennedy has a bikecheck up on Aversion. Haggard, haha.

P.S. Insight is due out soon! Despite being tipped to be released approx. the same time as TheComeUp DVD, it's still not quite yet sorted, here's Fudger's take on it:

"Yessssss, the video is a couple of months late, but our other office just received the final DVD from the duplicator today, so we should have them going out very soon. The premiere at Epic will be postponed until a later date, but we’re currently working on a premiere around the LA area in the immediate future, but through a lot of internal stuff (yes, Navaz is, unfortunately, no longer working for us), it’s been hard to get organized."

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