Friday, February 22, 2008

Bits 'n' bobs.

By "Bits", I largely mean "videos", and by "Bobs" I largely mean "New KHE Hub"...

Pic rinsed from TheComeUp:

Whaaaaaat? Liam Fahy-Hampton is mental, and here's the video evidence.

T-Nez topless :-O

Pretty sweet Staff webvid.

Hoder's off Sunday, pure drama.

New Eli Platt sig. frame. Pretty sweet!

Lastly, KHE have done what they should've done ages ago. The "Selling points" are all pure rubbish, but meh, good bearings + bushings = happy Mark?

From KHE:

Astern Freecoaster:

The new signature “Bruce Crisman” Astern hub is basically like the new REVERSE hub who comes with new ACB, bush & bigger driver bearings.

The big “Power Point” on this Astern model is that we using a new Patented “outside adjustable gap” system.

That means that you can turn an allen screw who is inside the 14mm hollow axle from the outside!

Finally you have not to open the hub if you like to change the pedal gap…you just need a 4mm allen key and you can even go through the peg to change the gap.

This idea makes the Freecoaster much more interesting for many riders because you can make the gap even as small if you riding a normal Cassette hub.

Many riders problem is that if they used always a Cassette hub that it’s a big change to get use to ride a Freecoaster…BUT now with the new Astern hub rider can make the gap first real small and can change it step less.

Or… if you riding Miniramp and need a small gap for Manuals make it small and if you ride after this Street and you need a big gap just turn the screw and make it big!

If you really think about… it will make the Freecoasters much more usable for all Street riders & open a much bigger market.

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Anonymous said...

finally having to take the whole thing apart is what put me off .lookin good