Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yet more videos?

Someone in Southampton (Yes, I mean you Dan - you've already got the trampoline...) needs to do this to their house. Gotta love Beringer.

4Down have put up Trailer #2 for their Summer of Madness video. Here's the Youtube shonky-quality version, or you can go to Streetphire's Vimeo account and view it in marginally better quality there.

If you go on Streetphire's Vimeo account, you can also view the GiveD vid that I may or may not have posted up here recently (no memory...).

Fit have apparently let their work experience guy do the super detailed diagrams for their new Cleveland and Dehart frames.

I mean c'mon...

Lastly, Vital have a new Levis "Clip of the Week" (They need to get a Harry Hill's TV Burp style voiceover for that) featuring Dakota Roche, and for all those out there who said "Surely Levis can't keep coming out with new webvids every week?", I guess you're partially right.

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