Monday, October 29, 2007

News like WHAT

OK, so, it's been a little slack here of late. A birthday, lots of riding, and some coursework deadlines meant it's been pretty hectic, so here's a bunch of stuff to make up for it.

All the new FEDERAL stuff is in Pijin. I would've linked to their site, but what's the point?

S&M have released the final photos of the LTF, and it really is LTF. Tapered stays, Swiss dropouts, "swaged" seat-tube and a whole bunch of other stuff mean it weighs in at 4.2lbs. I'm no expert, but that ain't much. Comes in 20.5", 20.75" & 21", 75° head angle and 13.65" stays.

With the Fit/S&M technology cross-overs from the past, and the way that - for example - the LTF shares the same seat-tube as the Dehart, could we also be looking at the S4?

Dan Foley is now on Simple 'cos of this:

Tree have some new bars out.

"The specs on the bars are:
-8” tall
-27” wide
-12 degrees backsweep
-available in a choice of 4 degrees upsweep or 1 degree upsweep
-they weigh 26 oz.

Also both Tree bars will be sold separately from the barends from now on. We decided if someone wanted our bars but already had barends that they liked then they could just buy the bars. And if they wanted to get the barends then they can get them with the bars at the same time.

-Available in black or white.
-11 butted handlebar
-Made of 4130 heat treated chromoly tubing
-Pre-threaded for use with Tree Barends. Will also work with other brands of barends.
-Higher tolerance degrees of bends over most common bars
–Can be cut down to minimum of 24.25” wide if they are cut down skinnier the barends will not work."

To quote Tree.

Aversion have a new Mike Miller video out:

The guy who has Chase Hawk's style now also has matching Chase Hawk style music (See: Fitlife, Chill Bro). In fairness though, that 3 to fakie is properly good.

Mike Aitken's Odyssey part from 2003 or something like that is out on the Odyssey-Vision site too. Speaking of, hopefully IMG will get stocks flowing soon...

Lastly, the needlessly sourest BMX company on Earth, Bicycle Union, have some sweet new products coming out, incl. hubs and bars. Coming into the country next week, theoretically.

Hit up 4Down for the specs.

That's it from me, I'm off to hit up Cantelowes...

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