Sunday, October 07, 2007

London's Calling...

Fresh from delicately building up his shiny new bike, Street Joel headed up to the Big Smoke with Trowbo local, Butlin.

In the period between Joel arriving and Butlin arriving (at Paddington, a 20min, hectic rush hour ride from Waterloo), we did a quick little bike check of Joel's 4down and Pijin aided setup. Click that pic and find out what makes Joel able to bust out style-y 3's at 5am...

Just for kicks, here are some of the "Didn't make the cut" photos from the weekend. Expect to see the others dotted about the place soon.

Some sort of sword of Damocles type manual pad setup?

Joe Nipples filming sesh.

Not what it was supposed to be...

Hectic back-of-bench-nose-manual. Taking a risk.

Pure Myspace.

Expect to see the fruits of our collective labour when Joel's webvid drops. From the stuff the champ got done this weekend, it should be good.

Right now, I'm coming to the end of a weekend of 10hr+ riding days, 5:30am bedtimes and 12pm wake-up calls, so I'm ready to drop.

3 hour lecture on photographic rhetoric tomorrow at 10.

Not cool.

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