Sunday, October 14, 2007

Something actually happening in the BMX world? :-O

Last Friday, I got the chance to cruise over (trek) to Earl's Court to go to the Cycle Show 2007. Aside from a whole load of fancy looking all-singing, all-dancing, all-bouncy mountainbikes, some crazy carbon-fibre directional road cranks, and the opportunity to beat a certain WTP/Carhartt/Lotek rider by over 1/4 mile in a 1 mile long race (pwn3d) on some ulra high tech virtual turbo-trainers, I got to check out the new WTP product on their very fancy, very expensive stand. No doubt the photos will emerge soon of the distro bike, a full-build consisting of WTP's finest parts built onto a fluoro green Lo-Fi frame (fluoro green and white = awesome), but sufficed to say, unless you see it in real life you won't get how nice it is. Apparently quite a lot of people were pretty interested in buying one, so Chris @ Hotwheels is planning on putting the squeeze on WTP's bosses to try and get them to make it into a proper complete bike, to sit in their range nicely above the Phoenix.

All the 2008 stuff is looking pretty amazing, and will be well worth a look when it drops (in T-minus 1 week, to Hotwheels). Their frames especially are truly amazing, some really, really neat touches (splined/fluted seat-tube type setup - like those splined headset-spacers - to save weight but still have your seat held in place), and some amazing Magma heat-treatment mean that that proto frame on the BMXOnline site from aaaaaaages ago is now a reality. Let's just talk weight for a second - the Elektro, Tobias Wicke's signature frame, weighs in at 4.46lbs (speaking of Tobias, head over to WTP's MySpace page and check out the Props Bio on him - machine!), David Potato's frame The Chief tips the scales at 4.46lbs, and the super nice Lo-Fi comes in at - you guessed it - 4.46lbs. Any frame that can survive the onslaught of Osato, Wicke and Gaertig - to name but a few - has gotta be pretty tough, so combine that with those weights and we're talking sweet. If you're not digging the whole lower-slung, lower-weight thing, the Phoenix and Ovoid frames are still kicking about with a few tweaks here and there.

In Southampton news, as I write this, Pijin Shop Team Rider Joel Nicholls is currently topless, being photographed and filmed by Mr. Miyagi in a "Former Boys Club" in Walthamstowe.

Here's the Act Like You Know trailer.

act like you know trailer from jason jendre on Vimeo.

Give-D have boshed another video up on Defgrip, and here it be. Right-click/Save Target As that bad-boy, watch it and think "Damn, this Beach Boys version is weak."

Lastly, another "Uh-oh, it's Craaaaanmer" time - the man behind the frame now being ridden by Mr. "Lotek's Won't Sell" (that one's for you, Joel) has managed to top the levels of sketchiness he once set himself. Let me just say that when Joel and I watched it last night, we actually both went "Urgh! Rancid!" when we saw it happen. I don't know what the hell's going on with the video hosting for it, but you've basically gotta make the trek over to TheComeUp's Myspace to view the hideousness. It just ain't street.

Honestly lastly - Circle Tour Malaga vid status: all good.

I'm off to call Mr. Pang. Reverse drivers bloooow...

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