Monday, August 13, 2007

Street vs. Tweak.



Not the most professional of posts, and probably not earning my "perks" at Pijin, but so what - Street vs. Tweak went off today.

If you weren't there, you sorely missed out. Massive thanks to all the people who turned up from pretty much everywhere around the UK and made this jam as good as it was, and a massive(r) thanks to Dave for getting his act together and somehow managing to create an amazing jam in the time it usually takes me to get ready to go ride Southbank.

Some brief highlights to keep y'all interested 'til the media types fill half the internet up with photos:
Bars and a half at MFI Banks?
Side-saddle stair launch at the Double 7's?
Decades at 'Ashley Charles'?
Windowsill ledge-ride at Hoglands 3?
Gap to second stage ice at Hoglands street?
Flips at Hoglands?
5-tap to footjam, clean as you like, Hoglands again?
Wheelie races at MFI Banks?
Pedal-destroying "Down-low" riding at MFI?



Anonymous said...

Hi There cant believe i missed the jam oh well im on holiday (ha ha rain in the uk)Jordan nice one extra bum for you buddy!

Anonymous said...

your just rubbing it in you cunt! lol Alex