Saturday, August 11, 2007

New stuff/Street vs. Tweak!

Well, the new Profile bits 'n' bobs have dropped in Pijin, and they're looking pretty sweet. Carlos, being the modern, metrosexual, thoughtful guy that he is, has also ordered in pretty much everything else that Profile do in purple too, so if you wanna go the whole nine yards and get your bike way past the Southampton scene minimum of 5 colour-coded parts on your bike, rejoice - now's the time!

Also in stock are the new Kink bits 'n' pieces (incl. those sweet full builds we showed you a while back, as well as the pretty neat SL style Kink seats), as are some of the new Macneil products - especially the Macneil Bibi frames, which are selling out fast. I think Carlos said that 7 had been ordered in, and in 48 hours they've sold 2, which is pretty good progress! If you want one, get involved - fast!

Speaking of fast - Street vs. Tweak ( has gathered so much momentum it's led industry insiders to label it "Freakin' sweet". Big boxes of product have arrived from the frankly awesome people at 4down, Padded Cell, UnderTheHat, Pijin and soon United amongst others (OK, I forgot the other names...), so if you turn up and ride, you're pretty likely to find yourself the recipient of a spot-prize. Apparently you won't be getting one for the MFI Banks Carpark Wheelie Competition, due to reports of insider dealings. *ahem*

Either way, get yourself down to MFI Banks (See the Myspazz page for details of locations 'n' postcodes 'n' stuff to tap into your Satnav, if that's your thing...) for about 12-1 on SUNDAY, and we'll get this show on the road. The hop-comp/limbo-comp and high-jump setup (For the Ashley Charles rail setup) has been created by the hands of "Myspace" Dan, so that's at least two or three pieces of goooood comedy heading our way.

Get down there. Street's looking pretty well represented, but the Tweakers seem to be thin on the ground - if you think you've got what it takes to wiggle your way around the streets in a Chase Hawk-ish manner, get down and r-r-r-r-represent.

There's video and photographic coverage going down, but if you wanna document stuff, feel free to get your kit out...

See you there!

(P.S. Unofficial SvT warm-up street ride, tomorrow. Get in touch with "Myspace", Street Joel or one of the Usuals to get in on it - not Carlos though, who's gonna be rep'ing at the Newquay Rip Curl surf weekend on the mini, if someone there's got a long ol' 8mm and a spare tube...)

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