Saturday, August 25, 2007

Odyssey JC Trailmix Pedals!

A while back, Odyssey put a post up on their site about new versions of the popular Jim Cielinski pedals - the JC Plastics and the Trailmix model. Well, the Trailmix is now officially in stock at Odyssey HQ. Featuring a slimmer body than the original pedals, no knurling on the body either, longer pins, a new 17mm hex section on the spindle (instead of a slim 15mm pedal spanner flat) - which means you can use most adjustables on it, all good! - and a couple of other improvements. Breeze over to Odyssey's Site to view more details:

Check out the photos:

Rumour has it these will be at distros in about 2 weeks, so expect them soon! They're only available in unsealed, black at first, but hell - they look damn good anyway!

Federal are also running a comp to win one of their new freecoasters - send a video clip of you to the guys at Seventies to win. Go to the Seventies site for more details too.

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