Sunday, August 26, 2007

Stolen and Fly 2008 stuff.

Stolen have joined the likes of Kink and Fit and have put up details for their completes for 2008. Featuring trend-friendly parts such as Odyssey Twisted PC pedals and Odyssey Aitken tyres, they're bound to be a big hit - especially seeing as most of the line feature full 4130-cromoly frames. The model pictured here in the Heater, which also answers the question of "Where did Baracuda's graphics guys end up?"...

Go to StolenBMX to check out the rest of the range.

Meanwhile, Fly have released a bit more product information. In true BMX industry fashion, everything they make is coming in a limited edition colour - for Fly, they've chosen a slightly unusual (for them) colour, red. Bit different to their usual pastel shade kinda stuff, but I'll leave all that talk of colour shades to Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen... Incidentally, Volvo do a metallic turqoise that'd be basically the best colour to paint your frame, ever.

Fly have also chosen to rinse Odyssey's teal market by making some turqoisey grips too. Get these Ruben grips and prepare to face a barrage of "Do those grips really match those Hazard Lites?"

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