Monday, July 16, 2007

Suzuki BMX Masters 2007

Got a call from J.P on Saturday... it was too good an opportunity for him to remind us that while we were slaving away at work, he was out enjoying himself in sunny Germany at the BMX Masters! Probably beer in hand and yelling abuse at the locals. I'll have to see if he can be persuaded to do a write up of what happened...

I was really looking forward to seeing Scotty Cranmer go head to head with Pompey local Mark Webb... but it was not to be. Scotty made the trip to Germany but didn't ride (rumours are that he was too tired and stayed in bed for all 3 days) while Mark broke his arm in a 900 attempt on the Braun Spine Mini comp while still managing to come 3rd behind Daniel Dhers and eventual winner Ben Wallace. Good to see the Pompey locals up on the Podium!

Street finals was won by Daniel Dhers with Ben Wallace in 2nd. Here's a clip of Dhers runs on street... whippy crazy and front flip over the spine?! That guy is all over the park - eaten too much sugar methinks! Craaazy.

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Anonymous said...

is it trure that mark was coming to romsey park?