Thursday, July 12, 2007

Well, it seems that finally there's actually new stuff going on in the BMX world - United have released a big new product update, along with talks of a free, cover-mounted DVD on Ride 107, which should be pretty sweet judging from the clips of their team riders floating around on the interweb.

United have updated their Trinity range to include a new Pivotal stump post and seat (Fat Capitol by the looks?), with T-Nez's Trinity logo. There's also a Corey Martinez-related slideshow on the go there too, so get over there and get involved.

Pics found on

Federal have put some (tiny...) updated pics of Bruce Crisman's bike up, incl. white KHE Reverse hub and Federal 1066 frame.

Derek Girard's company Little Devil have updated their website again, this time with a whole load more content than before. The opening videos are pretty sweet, so after you're done following my request to check out United's site, check them out...

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