Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Well, life's been hectic recently, and although that's no great excuse, it'll have to do for the serious lack of updates. Sorry John!

To make up for it, a bumper one:

Remember that link to the LD-TV site, with the J.J. Palmere video? Well, head over to Transam's site (the parent site of Little Devil, Orchid, etc.) and check out an interview with him. Click!

JJ Palmere table, by Aaron Buckley

Brian Tunney, now rolling on United (Along with Robin Fenlon...), has popped up a video on his site, Assblasters. I don't know how the porn industry hadn't bought the domain name up before him, but there we go. Get on it and watch it, some cool original stuff being done.

Talking of original stuff, the 4down trip rolled through London, and apart from everyone getting rained on for an entire day, a lot of amazing stuff happened. If you see Street Joel around, just say "Scotty D" or "Ben Lewis" and time how long he talks for. It's incredible. But that's all fun and games - go to the 4down site and check out the daily trip updates. Dean Hearne bought himself a point-and-shoot and has been putting up snaps every day, and little video clips. Go to either Day 5 or Day 6, and check out the Ben Lewis, Curb Sesh video.


Again, with some sweet timing - talking of "What?" - check out THIS video of the Dew Tour Highlights from Vital. Pretty nuts. Park riders - get on it!

Vital also have a big wodge of info on the new Animal Cush pivotal seat, and Stump and Stump Wedge Mod post. Check out the video here, think "Hmm, my bike would look cleaner like that", then pester Carlos into ordering you one: click! Got some cool ideas, notably the metal support in the body of the seat to prevent Macneil Droop, plus a decent shape, nice amount of padding, etc. Apparently, it's like an SL/Capitol seat hybrid. All good by my books.

Primo's Pivotal seat is almost done too - check out the photo of it here on Tony Neyer's bike, from BMXOnline:

It looks super clean, especially with how it covers the guts, but the main thing to remember is that it's basically a Balance with a Pivotal base, and we all know how good the Balance seat is in it's current form. Can't wait!

Macneil have put some new stuff up on their site, with some new colourways on most parts, and some full revisions on others, especially the Gary Young frame. Gary has a full interview in the new Ride, and if you go over to Ride's Site, you can also check out a "The Making Of..." video for Mike Miller's interview, feat. the Backyard jumpbox set up in a carpark. Pretty boring video overall, but still some sweet stuff in it. One for the tweakers.

While we're talking tweakers, the Street vs. Tweaker jam is set to go down on the 12th August - breeze over to StreetvsTweaker for full details. StreetDave's taking time out from making me tasty mochas at Shakeaway to set the jam up, so if you've got any ideas for it, or can lend a hand from adverts to helping organise things on the day, give him a buzz and give him some of your time. Not many people give much back to BMX, instead prefering to bad mouth everything online instead, so get behind this venture and get involved. It'll be a fun day no matter what, seeing as Southampton's littered with spots to ride, so get on it.

This is some "C" footage from Voices - basically, stuff that didn't make the full video, and didn't make the bonus section. Saying that, it's still awesome, so put it on mute and play it:

I need to watch Voices again... Tomorrow We Work's due in September though. If I had a tail, it'd be wagging...


Anonymous said...

need that post

Anonymous said...

when will it be coming out it looks so good

Anonymous said...

so can you use the the post with the macneil seats as well

Mark Westlake said...

You can use it with regular Macneil seats - it uses the same Pivotal base setup, it just has a fancy long bolt and an aluminium version of the steel wedge you used to have on the quill stem of your old mountain bike when you were a kid ;-)