Sunday, July 08, 2007

Carlos likes the Fit 2008 Bikes!

You don't get anywhere by standing still. I know we've only just got halfway through 2007 and Christmas is still a long way off... but as a bike company, you have to plan ahead of these things.

As far as complete bikes go, the most anticipated range is probably from Kink. It's their first venture in the complete bike market and their new range should be due very soon though I don't have an exact date yet. Normally known for the high end American made frames, they've finally decided to produce some more affordable stuff.

Seeing the competition, Fit have really upped their game in their 2008 range. The guys at 4Down popped by with some of the 2008 demo bikes. Unfortunately I was away at the time but judging from Carlos' reaction, they must be pretty damn good! Those of you who know Carlos will know what I mean. But for those that don't know, let me explain. Carlos is particularly picky when it comes to bikes and parts and likes to spend most of his time criticising rather than praising parts... so when he tells me that the Fit 2008 bikes look really good and that I should definitely get some for the shop, I guess I should really take notice. Yep, it is the first time Carlos has actually said a complete bike is 'nice' so Fit must be doing something right!

First up, all the bikes come with 25/9 gearing. Yes, even on the entry level bike which costs £219.99! All bikes come with mid bottom brackets. Integrated headsets come in at the £279.99 range and the top of the range have some quality parts... Odyssey/Animal tyres... the new Fit ECCD and S&M thin seats and even the new KHE Reverse Freecoaster on the Flow Street bike.

There's good news for those who can't wait till next year to get your hands on one of these... we should have them in stock some time in October!


Anonymous said...

fit team street looks awsum!

Anonymous said...

the flow trails looks about 95% the parts of my bike but for 1/3 the overall price :(

Anonymous said...

the 'pro' bikes look like last years flow bikes and the new flows look like they could be custom builds! would definately buy one of these if my bike got nicked or got run over etc...