Sunday, July 08, 2007


Well, after pinning the Down Low tag on a few of their parts, the next component name the guys over at Fit pulled "seatpost" out of the hat next, and lo, here it is: The Down Low Seatpost:

I-beam internal setup
Shorter so you don't have to cut it down
That's pretty much it. It is, in essence, the same as every other massive guts I-beam post out there from virtually every company, just with less post.

WTP have finally released their freecoaster that's been in testing for quite a while now, the Blind.

Rumour (and that's all it is so far, with WTP chosing to make fun of KHE instead of post much useful info...) has it that it uses the same internals as the Rollex, i.e. bad ones. Not ideal. Here's hoping that isn't the case, anyway.

While we're talking freecoasters, here's the early photos of the G-Sport freecoaster, just 'cos it looks so puuuuuurdy.

Remember John posting some photos of what used to be the Eject Option front hub, but is now the Simple Eject hub after the Simple/Eject collaboration? Well, that's continuing now with the new System stem. What we're looking at here is basically a Kink Relief stem that doesn't make my teeth feel scared.

Same clamping deal, but possibly a bit stronger? Who knows...

Keep updated on Stephen Murray's condition by hitting up BMXTalk, and go to the main riding forum, then check out the stickied thread about him. Gets updated every day or two by his family, so you know it's reliable.

Lastly, Mat Hoffman's old Haro Master, and a crazy video from the Mansfield King of Vert comp. Weird how times change. (from RideBMX UK)

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