Sunday, August 07, 2011


In a week filled with news about the X-Games, here comes Ruben showcasing the other, awesome side of riding:

You just can't really beat that style.

Speaking of, not really anything style-wise in here, but these tricks are ridiculous. Stevie Churchill is pretty nuts. Bonus fact: That skatepark looks almost like my idea of a living hell. If you added a couple more scooter kids in there, you'd nail it.

Cult and Federal are doing a joint UK tour soon, check out the details here, then think about how nuts that line up is.

Seeing as it's sort of related, here's a video of Bruno riding a prefab park pretty damn well.

Lastly, Dan posted this up on Facebook today - pretty old school now, and how many of these people even live in Southampton any more? Cool video regardless.

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