Monday, May 23, 2011


It was weird - last week, I just didn't really get that vibe off anything I really saw online. Not too sure why, but this week's certainly different. To kick it off, here's the 'final' video of The Pool jam. Pretty good effort by everyone involved, this video sort of sums it up better than most others did!

Craig Passero is really getting too good now, considering he's still relatively unheard of for the masses. That feeble to nose bonk/manual 360 thing is ridiculous.

I spotted this earlier on via Mutiny, as it features a couple of dudes from their team - notably Robbo who's responsible for all this:

Defgrip, as ever, are continuing to pump out quality content, this time featuring the lesser-spotted Wolfman. Apparently even his relatively simple views are still contentious enough for the BMX world, c'est la vie... Much respect to anyone holding down a job that time-consuming/energy-sapping and still getting out riding. Makes me feel that much more of a pussy if I drop out the "Oh, I'm a bit tired tonight..." after the ol' 9-5. Click here for that.

Lastly, Streetphire is all shiny and new. If you're friends with me on Facebook and were wondering why I was liking and disliking Streetphire-related stuff, it was all in the name of H-Man's progress. So there...

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