Monday, June 07, 2010


Man, uploading large files is pretty much the least fun ever. If this times out, heads will roll.

In total contrast, the Euro trip that Lloyd has been on with Kink seems like it's both been going on since time began, but is also a load of fun.

Speaking of - saw this video today, and the intro alone made it worth sharing with others. The riding's pretty sweet too, but the intro... well... you'll see. In bonus news, this also features the not-really-new-but-new-to-me skatepark in Hereford. The older one was a wooden beaut complete with a BMX race track that made Chandlers Ford seem like some kind of Olympic facility. New park looks 'reet good laaaaaaaark' to quote the Northerners up here.

Will Evans wins.

Danny Hickerson also wins, as does his section from Grounded. This is part 3, the rest are floating about if you're particularly keen on watching it. I still can't believe that rip-off Yeah Right section. Poor form.

Lastly, and somewhat making this a bit of a "People I've met a while back who were pretty good who are now really, really good" double header with the Lloyd content above, Tom Davis is a bit good. Filmed over 2 days in Coventry, then sorta just let loose to the public, there's some good bits 'n' bobs here, which also reminded me that Coventry is a bit of a treat in terms of stuff to ride.

Actually, this is lastly. A friend of mine showed me this video today without telling me who it was. Turns out it's a bit older but I just glossed over it before 'cos I wasn't really massively into what I thought was the way Zack Gerber rides. Turns out there's been a fair bit of development of both style and riding. This is awesome.

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