Monday, April 13, 2009

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Man, I am tired. Long road rides, up late consuming alcohol, then up early to talk to a Borneo-bound Dan on Skype - I need more sleep. As a result, this is going to be fairly to the point...

I don't know about you, but I kinda like watching people who aren't BIG TIME PRO riding. Just "normal" people going out and riding fun looking spots, and doing some cool stuff to boot. That's pretty much why I was into this new Red Shoe Diaries edit. I've got no sound here in Wales so I have no idea what the music was like, but hopefully it's nothing bad, eh?


When Micreation did the whole "Pay to watch web videos" thing I didn't have a massive problem with it. I mean, I used the free codes before they expired so I didn't have to pay, but... well... I probably would've done, especially having seen how good that Brad Simms section was. Either way, if you missed the codes and didn't feel like paying $2 to watch a video, rejoice - here it is, somewhat later. Clickity Click.

As I said before, I've got no sound, and therefore no time. No time for the Big Big BMX Show, at least. 6 minutes of Glen Milligan excitedly gesticulating in pure silence, to see the Ani- I mean "A. Bike Co." promo. Fortunately, some kind soul ripped it to Youtube, so here we are:

It's amazing how a quick paint-job (Or "powder job" in this case) can make a bike look totally different. I can't remember if I posted up about Dave Mirra going brakeless (NO WAY!), but I do remember thinking that for a BIG TIME PRO (To use a recently used phrase) he had one awful looking bike. Well, somehow my criticism reached Mirra Towers and he decided to go for the stealthier look. At least I'd like to attribute it to me.

If you want to read more about what it's like to go brakeless, then click here. If you are brakeless already there's not really much point. If you run a brake, read it, then follow suit, haha. Like he says, you only lose fufanus... Although having said that, if I get snaked by one more person at a skatepark who's dropped their brakes but not actually gained any form of bike control, heads will roll!

Part of me would like to think that George Ramirez and Joe Vee were a sorta Jekyll and Hyde kinda one-person-combo, where there's the 4-peg street side of him then the freecoastery street side. That'd be pretty rad. Unfortunately, you do actually see them both in the same place in this vid so that kinda knocks that idea on the head, but hey ho...

Weeeeeeeeird! If you wanna check out a ridiculously early Low Profile by Dig about Chase Hawk, go here. It's always good when bold claims about people going on to become BIG TIME PROs comes true. Can't believe I've used that three times now...

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