Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Yet more TWW Bonus

And a bonus it is too - here's the Dan Cox/Mix section. Too good. I actually watched TWW again a few days ago, it's still full-bore awesome.

TWW Bonus - Dan Cox/Mix 2 from Joe Cox on Vimeo.

Speaking of Cox - here's Joe, gapping from feebz down a Barca stairset. Rinsed from the Sunday site.

Seeing as a bunch of people who read this are pretty into their metal boxes on wheels, here's a rad car video that was up on Defgrip (Cheers for the link dudes!). I'm preeeeetty sure I posted the last one when it was up on there too, but this is a sorta 'Behind the scenes' sorta deal. All good. (EDIT: If that doesn't work for you, go here to check it out on their site.)

Seeing as we're miles "Off Message" here, go here, get past Level 4 then gloat at Carlos next time you see him. Better yet, bust out a screenshot of that bad-boy, post it in the comments and we'll have some kind of unofficial Pacman Tournament. Make it happen.

Oh, and even more off topic now... I don't wear hats, but if I did, I'd tip mine to Michael Parkinson for this. To see even more ridiculousness about that, go and watch Charlie Brooker's Newswipe Episode 2 here and actually watch a member of the church describe Jade Goody as a saint. No, really...

(I'm pretty sure that's the most eclectic group of tags this blog's ever gonna have.)

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