Wednesday, April 08, 2009


From the Seventies mailshot I just got:

"It¹s arrived!!!

One more brew the highly anticipated collaboration between Seventies and Project 5 is out!!! Filmed over the winter months, each section is filmed and edited by a different person including Ben Green, Charlie Jobling, Dario Demarco, Joel Nichols, Kyle Harvey, Matty Lambert, Ollie Wainwright and Rich Wilson

Each filmer/editor has shot different scenes from around the UK over the 2008/09 winter months and it features riding from the cream of the UK scene, priced at just £7 retail!

Features amongst others Niki Croft, Alex Kennedy, Donnacha Carrol, Tom Sanders, Dan Westlake, Ben Lewis, Jason Phelan, Dan Lacey, Scott Ditchburn, Taliban Tom, Bombhead and TONS MORE."

Big time!

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